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Application procedure

Organization of Erasmus students stay during the summer semester 2020/21


According to the Rector’s decree the courses will be conducted both with physical presence and online. The decision about the form of the respective classes is made by the faculty authorities and communicated to students before arrival by the faculty coordinator.

Lectures, language courses and diploma seminars will be held only remotely.


All students are guaranteed an accommodation as it was before. However, students will be located according to the available places in one of the 6 dormitories.

In order to proceed with the application for the Erasmus+ exchange at our university it is necessary to receive a nomination letter from student's home university.

The application deadlines are:

  • for the summer semester: 31st October 2020


  • The application documents MUST be filled in on a computer.
  •  A scan of your documents is enough to start the verification procedures, we do not need them in the original version
  •  Any changes to the Learning Agreement can be done not later than 2 weeks after the semester begins. 

The application documents:

  1. Application form including accommodation
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Transcript of Records in English
  4. Language Certificate 

The forms should be completed, signed by the people responsible and sent to:

Monika Stanisz 

After checking your application, we will send a Letter of Acceptance and signed Learning Agreement to the Erasmus coordinator at your university.